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Saturday, October 01, 2005


From our Northern correspondent, Finn McEskimo

Hi Papalaz,
I've been wondering why I read your blogspot column so rarely though, as you know, I value your texts and I'm interested to know how's things down there. Thinking about this I found out a pattern that's common to all blogs - and likely common to many a web surfer, too. I'm not interested in reading magazine columns in the web, so as I still may bookmark some really good one, I soon realize I've forgotten them. Literally, I don't surf twice to a blog of someone I don't know. Then again, there's folks that mean something special to me, those I've grown to know more or less well. With these I might send email and talk in dedicated sites. There's two sites in which I socialize with Finnish people and in Spymac I've learnt to follow and take part into international rumblings. In these contexts I'm interested enough to read blogs frequently. I also pondered whether I'd move my belongings and continue my forgotten blogspot account - but came into a different conclusion than you: as untrustworthy as Spymac would be, I'd either continue there or in some other site where I'd feel like being inside a community. So, I'm still waiting for the blog function to come back.. and to be honest, would like you to join the band as soon as they get the garage ready for us :)

So, what do I think about this? What do the boys and girls here on the farm think? Quite apart from raising my level of anger at the shabby way Spymac has treated us contributors and our audiences it has given me pause. Before Spymac went down the plug-hole I had between 40 and 50 readers daily and by no means were all of them Spymac members. Each and every one of them has been discomfitted and inconvenienced by the Spymac debacle.

I think though, that Finn's got something here. Especially the bit about community. His analysis seems sound and I have no reason to doubt him. I may not like it but I suspect he's right. He is certainly spot on about Spymac's untrustworthiness - and trust is going to be difficult if not impossible to repair.

As to whether we will restore the circus to Spymac - well that was our original intention, blogspot was meant to be a stop gap - who knows whether we will? I suspect we may. As we often say at the circus - we shall see!


  1. If you return to Spymac, I will not be able to read your blog anymore, because I am unable to log in to my account there, and the arrogant and discourteous slobs who run Spymac have simply ignored all my email requests for assistance -- despite sending them repeated requests on a daily basis for 2 weeks or more!

    Further, it was those self-same arrogant and discourteous slobs who run Spymac who devised the oxymoronic descriptor "Spymac Community", but the attitude of some of their Fora Moderators, and ALL of their Tech Support Staff, show that to be nothing other than what advertising types call "a puff". In short, there is no community, since the term is simply a self-serving descriptor used by the Spymac marketing types to encourage the credulous to believe that Spymac really cares about its subscribers - NOT!

    I also believe that, like me, you have suffered what might fairly be described as abuse by these self-same ignorant and discourteous types who run Spymac, but if you feel that such people are worthy of your continuing support, then you are not the principled person I took you for, and that makes me feel sad.

    So, there are three reasons why I shall be sorry if you take your blog back to Spymac, but I doubt that the subsequent loss of this reader will dissuade you.

    One final point: remember that this is your circus, and that you are the Ringmaster; go back to Spymac, and the clowns will be telling YOU what to do.

  2. Yo, PoMo, that geezer's right, an' you know it.

  3. heh, tell my greetings to McEskimo, I feel just like him!

  4. I'm with ocionnfhaolaidh on this one. I no longer hold an account at Mega$pyCorp and I wouldn't want to go back there either. I've just found that you have a blog in the real world (i.e. not on ShatMac's fictional "working" servers), and I'd love to continue to read what you have to say here.

    I've got you bookmarked!