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Thursday, October 20, 2005

it is are also not raining in kuala lumpur

tis great ere me and cedie is getting onreal wel and the others are OK. we allus find summat to do round the farm and that keep me busy so thats good coz the medicos say i shouldnt think too much it do me know good. Like today we was painting the little apartment next door - just outside coz the inside doesn't be finish yet but now it you look from the table all the messy splashy bits is gone its really nics and white even if it do rian tonite we dont kare. we did have to sand it down before we could piant it.

I miss mum alot but slong as I aren't thinking about it to much it doesn't hurt to much - suppose that makes sensible. It make me laugh that noone asks me how I got here from there I no I wootnt tell them even if he did but its a good storey one day for my childers I think. ifn youd seen the look on theyre faces at the ship place youda laughed to. spose i was lucky it weren't cold as now.

Cedie and me look lots like each other specially now I got some of them red overalls what he is alllus wearing - lives and dies in em mum'd say. I dont know whybut this programm keep putting lines under everyhting I be typing it really annoying. But it was good have the Boss to let me do a iblog thing all by myslef with noone loooking over my shouldre an that SHEM SAY HE'LL GIve it a good name and putit up for me. (Don't know where they big lettres came from). Put it up where Im not to sure but seems it do need to be put up somewhere sos you can all red it. This Makintosh thing is different to my Winders machine in the hostipal it supposed be easier but doesn't feel that way too me. Praps it are waterproof (ha ha - a joke)

Ceddie did say this morning that the Olive's might be ready erly this year and we might all do them together - I'd like that all of us working together in the feelds. jill is being like a mum too me - I do love her muchly.

I figger that are enough from me for tooday so Isll just say nighty might to all of you lovely peeple and sing off now.

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  1. Bravo, mon ami, that tale brought a tear to my rheumy old eyes, a smile to my lips, and reminded me that genuine characters like you must be valued and respected by the rest of us.

    I look forward to our next encounter.

    Meanwhile, here's raising a glass of Dalwhinnie 15YO to your health.

    PS: You're right, that Gill's a cracker; must be difficult for her living with that old grump though!