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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Normal Service will be resumed - when we work out what it is

We fully expect some semblance of normal service to be resumed in this blog sometime real soon (no that's not a Spymac "soon" - that's the real thing). Aunty Pingu bade us "au revoir" at Xania airport today and suddenly the bandwidth began to clear. We stopped off at Souda for a coffee and sanity break on the way home and we've been chilling ever since. This evening is comparatively so cool it is almost beyond belief.

Normal service - what in the name of all that's righteous does that mean given the disruptions to service that seem to have begun in August? Since Lindz left it feels like everything has conspired against any kind of normality here. Farm and blog DO have levels of normality but getting back to them is going to take while. Shit, even recalling what they might be is going to take quite a while.

Autumn is holding court here right now and while we do not believe for one moment that summer is done we will behave as though it were. Then we can be pleasantly surprised.

Gill's bougainevillea is having a new show and now looks like a real little bush. Not only that, but the gardenia is flowering and looking remarkably healthy on a diet of benign neglect! There are several blooms on the rose that was only a cutting last year at this time.

I suspect that the plant world thinks that it is spring again.

Bonfires and chainsaw noise fills the valley these days. I'm up for a bonfire when the northerlies drop a tad.

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  1. I hope you don't think that posting the same blog two days running counts as "Normal Service".

    If that is the case, then I think that there's definitely a place for you on the Spymac Management Team. ;-)