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Thursday, October 06, 2005


For those of you who have not been paying attention (wake up at the back there - for Gods' sake, a bloody nonagenarian spotted it) we did not fulfill our promise to resume normal service. We have at least worked out what it is and we are gradually coming up to speed on doing it but this time round we dropped the ball. I could say it was all down to unforeseen problems with our fibre channel backbone but I'd just be lying. Or Spymaccing as we now call it in the business. Of course it wasn't fibre channel. No, it was ADSL.

At about eight thirty Felia time yesterday morning our ADSL connection disconnected itself and ... And the rest is history - Forthnet and OTE squabbled about whose fault it might be and we didn't get a resolution until about 3 this PM. We still don't know what happened but we are back online and that's enough for us. Don't even ask how the same entry got posted twice - I don't have a clue and anyway the duplicate has now been removed so if you wanted to gloat - you're too late.

We have been getting the farm back on an even keel though. Washing is all up to date. The new avocado has been potted out. The bean patch has been cleaned of weeds and grasses. The trees by the front door have been topiared (a verb back-formed from topiary - I quite like that). The section beside the stairs down to the cellar have been de-weeded. The potting shed has been painted outside. We got 23 litres of spring water this morning. Post is all up to date. We have a litre of LHM on order from BP for Betty's hydraulics. The nasturtiums and the kalahoy are making strong strides toward returning to their pre-drought flowering states and some of the nasturtiums are actually in flower. Tomatoes. peppers, and runner beans are all cropping again.

We are waiting to hear from Babbis, Janina, and Maria as to when the french lavender can be harvested and distilled - big excitement this one - but suspect we will have to wait for full moon. And, finally the soil is staying moist so morning watering has become a more relaxed and relaxing affair.

See what we can get done when we get round to it? If you add to these energy levels the the fact that I picked up a fortnight's ban at Spymac on Tuesday I suspect things will rip along for a while yet. Weather permitting.

The ban is interesting though - it was imposed for inappropriate language but I have no idea what I said and they don't answer my emails requesting enlightenment. How, I ask, am I going to be able to avoid a repetition if I don't know what I said that was deemed inappropriate? They have this draconian filter on that substitutes innocuous baby words for expletives so I really don't have a clue.

Wait though, it just occurs to me that it might have been when I suggested - in response to yet another cock up - that they try Volume Testing! Yeah, that could be it - I guess.

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  1. Entertaining post, though the part I particularly found interesting was that dealing with the Spymac ban, and their response to your valid request for clarification.

    Once upon a time I too received a barely literate and highly impertinent epistle from a Spymac Mod -- a well-known buffoon who rejoices in the name of 'abmice' -- which abruptly stated "don't use offensive language in future". Naturally I replied, pointing out that I was not aware of having breached Spymac's ToS, therefore I would be obliged if he would(a)identify the post in which he claimed that I had done so, and (b) then identify which parts of my language he believed were "offensive" per se. I also pointed out that I found his rude little tirade all the more surprising since he had not removed any of my posts, which made it impossible for me -- or anyone else for that matter -- to understand what the little tyke was going on about.

    Unsurprisingly, 'abmice' did not extend me the courtesy of a reply, so I remain none the wiser -- rather like the position you now find yourself in.

    Subsequently, I mentioned this little incident to another one of the more intelligent posters on Spymac (a rare breed, that), and he immediately gave me a whole list of incidents where people had run foul of the intellectual midget who has chosen to be known as 'abmice'. There was more than a suggestion that 'abmice' makes up for his well-known inferiority by exercising his petty power over those who are undoubtedly his superiors in every other respect.

    Then another Spymac stalwart sent me the a copy of the self-portrait that 'abmice' had posted in the Spymac Gallery. One only has to look at it to understand why the poor chap -- at least I think it's a "chap" -- feels so bad about itself. It made even me feel sorry for him.

    It is also worth perusing Spymac's ToS. Essentially they reserve unto themselves the absolute right, exercised entirely at their own discretion, to remove any post or poster from their precious site, and they need not explain themselves to anyone.

    In conclusion, my dear PoMo, without so much as a 'bye your leave', you have just been shat upon for no other reason than it was at the whim of a megalomaniacal despot.

    Mind you, look on the bright side. Spymac may actually have done you a favour, just as the little toerag 'abmice' did me; he convinced me that the preponderantly juvenile, arrant irrationality, and ignorant blatherings that pass for serious debate on Spymac were not worthy of serious consideration.

    My advice: let the sad little children play with their own mud-pies, and spend your time on more worthy pursuits.