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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bandwidth Hog

Some house guests are like some websites - bandwidth hogs. Some are modem
level guests - you could get by with a 56k dial up line while others, and
Inge is a notable example, require a full 8mbps SDSL connection or
better. That is not a criticism by any manner or means. People
are just like that - some demand more attention and give more in return:
they are intense, concentrated life forces. Inge is one of them. Her
artistic temperament may have something to do with it although I strongly
suspect that she was like that long before she discovered her artistic
bent. And that was somewhat late in life.

And so, if you were wondering why this blog has been thin to absent in
the last few days there you have it. No excuses - just an explanation. My
mind has been absenting itself from the writing task since it has been
fully occupied elsewhere.

To catch you up with what has happened twixt-times suffice it to say that
the day we had to collect Inge from the airport Betty started perfectly
and ran like a dream all the way into Xania. However, we had made
allowances, fiscal and temporal, for having her fixed by Kyrie
Theodorakis and so we took her in to his shabby workshop in the back of
Gogoni and asked for her to be checked over for problems while we scooted
off to Xania for coffee and a little window shopping (no, for the 10th
time we didn't buy any windows -and that really isn't even mildly amusing
let alone funny so don't use it again - please!). At our leisure we
returned to find that they had changed spark plugs and a couple of HT
leads and replaced the petrol filter! They pronounced her "ready to go"
and off we drove, smooth as silk, confident as a gigolo, and a mere 85
euros lighter of pocket. She has performed beautifully ever since,
picking up effortlesslyt from under 1500 revs even on inclines,
overtaking with bags-full in reserve and generally acting like a spring
lamb full of verve and vigour. She does however have a few odd rattling
noises that were not there before her visit to the man! Nothing is for

We were determined that we would treat Inge's visit as an opportunity for
a holiday for ourselves and so for the past 2 mornings the cellar has
been getting only a lick and a promise as opposed to it's more normal
thoroughgoing scrub and polish. The watering rituals have been curtailed
slightly but that has been in deference to a raised humidity and less
evaporative daytime temperatures. And for 2 days we have been to the
beach where the weather has smiled and the sea has welcomed all comers
with its smooth and gentle and clean caresses. Episkopi beach at this
time of the season is inviting and yet mostly empty. Asteria is yet more
friendly and relaxed now that the main frenzy of the season has passed.
It is impossible not to relax into the late summer lethargy when you are
surrounded by it and we have no intention of trying.

More good news: Inge loves the way we have hung her work and described
the wardrobe that features her screen as exquisite and dramatic - praise
indeed. She even expressed admiration for the John Tierney painting that
we bought last year though she is no great lover of the abstract schools.
Tomorrow promises to be fascinating - we are taking her into Xania (by
bus!) and we plan (among other things too numerous to prefigure) to visit
John's exhibition (the last day we think). Artist meets artist! A recipe
for disaster did I hear you say? I'll let you know how it works out.

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