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Monday, December 29, 2008

I told you I might

Today's efforts - and context (click on the photos for large versions)


This xmas I asked for and received (tip of the hat to Charlie and Frank) a set of 40 lower case magnetic letters. I had spotted these on Lindz's (one of my blood daughters) amazon wishlist (a great idea from amazon the wishlist) and immediately stole it (that's what good ideas are for - theft). My idea was to fiddle around on a daily basis with this limited set of letters to create idea generators but I find myself much busier than that with them - they have become almost addictive - they cry out to me from the fridge (and the cooker hood, but more of that later) and beg to be shuffled into more or less obscure phrases - even whole sentences. The psychology of this new, self induced, behaviour probem must surely be fascinating to someone other than me? No? No pathological scrabblers out there who don't play scrabble? No wordsmiths - or should that rather be lettersmiths? The humour and the mental exercise I get is fun though I'm unsure as to whether it will last (the obsession not the fun) and frankly who cares?

Hey guy, what about the cooker hood? You said you'd get to it and you haven't - don't leave us wondering.

OK - the cooker hood is right by the fridge door and since we don't have one of those enormous american fridges the letters and phrases first cast were looking cramped and overcrowded and the base of the cooker hood started to beckon - looking surprisingly like a musical stave and offering typographic nuances so nowadays as the letter shuffle discipline devlops the cooker stave is the first line thought/product and the fridge door is the remaindered letter section.

I think I'll post photos of the game in progress on an occasional basis - maybe I'll comment on them - maybe not ... (the preceeding sentence is purposely ambiguous - it's how I feel right now) ...