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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The big apple event

Somehow the fates conspired to deprive all of you lovely readers of a meaningful blog tonight.

As I sat down to start this evening, hoping to get done before the Apple event got underway Rachel from the Dutchies rang and by the time we'd finished it was time for the Apple event to start. I searched around to find a live feed but everything was buttoned down fairly tight at the venue - they apparently had guys patrolling the floor looking for people blogging!

I finally found a site that was putting out updates and watched, refreshing regularly, or rather had reported to me the gist of what was going on. New G5 iMacs, slimmer and with built in iSight, plus a couple of new iLife apps. That was about the sum total of the computer announcements.

The rest was all about iPods and iTunes - interesting stuff for gadeteers but not really computer stuff at all. It seems to me that Apple is less of a computer company these days and more a gadget/entertainment company. I worry about the company. The demand and success of the iPod line may have diverted them from their primary purpose in life. I can see how SJ would be overwhelmed by finally being a leader in some field but this is not the main business of Apple - or is it?

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