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Sunday, October 02, 2005

One of our blogs is missing

It's been interesting getting feedback recently but ultimately it doesn't help me decide. At the end of the day this gets written for me. My readers matter but they do not determine what goes in here or where this gets posted - it's my dilemma and there may yet be a Solomonic solution.

I do regret not being able to get my blogging history back given that it represents almost a year of my literary creative output. For reasons beyond my control it is as though somebody just burnt my manuscripts and that isn't a good feeling. This has hollowed me out and although I have copies of most of the basic stuff I had hoped that Spymac was the home for the Circus long term. Without it's calendar context, the images, the comments and the original layout it is a very different piece. Thousands of words and hundreds of ideas lie now in some limbo and I do not know if I shall ever have them back in tact. I worry.

I feel cheated and let down and it annoys the holy hell out of all of us that we have been treated in such a cavalier fashion. As if we didn't matter. As if our readers didn't. Were I to let him off the leash Farmboy would be out right now looking for one AtariST with the express intention of doing him some very serious physical harm. The empty blandishments and supposed re-assurances of the owners of Spymac and their incompetent and surly technical staff, sparse though they are, are no substitute for the services and facilities they promised. Do they not care or are they really so pathetically incompetent that they can do nothing to rectify matters short term before bringing the whole shambling monster to birth?

But ... if I were to be totally honest I would have to confess to a career in IT that tomorrow "celebrates" its 38th anniversary and admit that my industry has seldom, save at the very beginning, shown any more respect or understanding than this current debacle. One of the favourite sayings in IT is "IT would be really good fun if only it weren't for the users!". It is usually said as though it were tongue in cheek but believe me these people mean it!

Sad. I am sad. Spymac is sad. Sadness suffuses all of us.

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