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Thursday, March 02, 2006


We took the girls out into the garden today on long leads to stretch their legs and let them see a bit of variation - it's been so nice lately that it seemed a shame not to. And so, after Gill has spent the morning clearing and weeding borders - around the rose and the bottlebrush tree and along the path to the girls' run, we took them out.

Hardly had we reached the bonfire at the bottom down by the river when Bridey caught a scent. In very short order she had found, flushed and killed a hedgehog. True terrier grit. There was a lot of blood around her mouth but none of it, as it transpired, was hers. She had managed not to damage her mouth at all despite the hedgehog having assumed the classic defensive position of rolling into a ball.

Gill finally managed to drag her off and as she did Molly leapt in to make sure that everything was complete. And people ask why we don't let them roam the valley!

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  1. The friends with whom I spent Christmas have adopted a chao (sp?) that had previously grown up with the coyotes. Interestingly, areas of New Mexico are apparently full of such dogs; the theory is that Georgia O'Keefe kept them and these are descended from an escapee. This dog could never be allowed off leash when out of the yard, due to its penchant for decimating the local cat community. Before my friend had realised this, she had gained a veritable graveyard of their remains in her backyard. All guarded by this most innocent-looking of chaos.