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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is Spring sprung?

We have not needed the stove of an evening for a week now. Nor have we had to have the fire on in the cellar. We have had lashings of hot water every day for 8 days (and so we are remarkably clean for February/early March).

Gill has started potting plants and cutting on and out respectively. She bought three packets of flower seeds today and two pot plants. We collected 90 litres of potting compost 4 days ago.

Farmboy has started servicing both the brushcutter and the cultivator (Husqvarna madness). He will be buying petrol for both tomorrow or Friday. The search for more logs has been put onto the back burner for now.

Today was the first session of tick pipetting the girls and Bridey's season is over while Molly is a week and a half into hers (a huge-boned cross-bred dog accosted me at Figaro's today ans slobbered all over my legs and arm - the girls mirrored his behaviour when I got home)

In England there is a fuss brewing over whether the Meterological Service has the right to declare Spring officially begun. Here, we think it started last week.

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