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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sex in the countryside?

OK just a short one today. Why do none of us have, outside of the 2 principals, a partner, girlfriend, or sex life? Is this some kind of discrimination? Or are we simply weird? Look, even the foreign correspondents have partners and or sex lives - Finn and Curmudgeon at least. What;s wrong with us? Hey, maybe we are all queer? D'you think? Or is it like BSJ says toward the end of Albert Angelo about people using the toilet? We aren't benders by the way. Maybe we're too old? Seems unlikely! Perhaps we're all to busy? The strange thing is that most if not all of the visitors to the farm are female, we are all male, so why no hanky panky? Is it because the sites that this gets posted to don't like sex? Maybe the Guv' just can't write it - no that's not true - I've seen some of his other stuff and trust me, he can - just wait until you get a load of the novel he's been working on for years. Too intellectual? Might work for me and S but Farmboy and Eddie? No way!

Forget all that for a moment. Why are we all blokes? And what gives with the twin thing? There are so many questions to which there are no answers. Is there a reading that we have not, between us, found? Are any of these things significant or are we attaching signifiers to random events that are unconnected? At the end of the day human beings - even fictional ones - are sophisticated pattern matching machines. Pattern making might be a better term. To be honest though, the patterning software in the Guv'nor's makeup seems a bit lacking so it could be us. Who knows? Who cares? We do but we have no way of penetrating the mists of creativity.

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