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Saturday, March 04, 2006

God does indeed play dice - with Bush and Blair

Now youze guys know I'm no Eisenstein but when The Boss was reading the news out today - he likes to do the Cuban cigar factory thing - it totally freaked me out when he got to the bit about Blair and his little talks with God. I know it's not just me! The idea of two (go on count 'em Bush and Blair) leaders of the so-called civilised world getting down on their bony little knees beside their beds and asking this God feller of theirs whether what they're doing is OK or not, sends bloody shudders down my spine. For the love of Mike why didn't they ask their electorate? Maybe because they would've got a resounding NO!? The Boss has written a lot over the past years about America descending into another dark ages what with the intelligent design stuff passing itself off as science and the advisors Bush has that discount global warming as nothing to do with humans and to be perfectly honest I always figured he was exaggerating to make a point but suddenly I can see what it is that puts the willies up him about this whole crapshoot that western foreign policy has become for the rest of the world.

It's posi-bloody-tively bizarre to imagine two grown men in the 21st century praying to some imaginary deity (it ought to be enough to get them locked up for life) to decide the fate of an entire geo-political arena. We elected these guys for Pete's sake to rule - not to go whimpering of to some supposed higher being! If they'da told us they were going to ask God about all this difficult stuff would we have elected them? In this day and age? Well, would we? By the way - how come they didn't ask us? Is this some sort of theocracy we've got ourselves mixed up in? Sure beats me buster. And those two guys are recommending - hold that - forcing, this crap on other countries? And they're calling it democracy? Do either of them actually know how a democracy is supposed to work? NO wonder Bush referred to the invasion of Iraq - admittedly he tried to withdraw it - as a crusade! They really are living in an alternate, time slip, universe.

What's really interesting is that neither of them would have owned up to this nonsense if they'd been facing an electorate again. Bush thinks that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Pakistan are sufficiently democratic to get his seal of approval. While Blair becomes increasingly messianic (is that the right word) about everything dear to his heart - good, bad, or indifferent - and abuses his power. Between them they may yet drag us back into the world of Fortuna's wheel and Boethius! At the next election make sure you ask some serious questions about the rationality of your candidate - ask him about God and see how scary his eyes get!

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