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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beach babies

Clock change this morning and so everything is warped out of true today and so we take things easily, pushing nothing, rushing naught just meandering on through the hours. The four of us out to the beach this afternoon walking along the strand just looking and staring and noticing - ugly scars appearing up by Exopolis where a new estate or two will be carved into the once beautiful vista - claiming the beach again before the tourists begin to arrive and take it back from us for another summer of oiling and roasting of human flesh.

So the blook (odd word but it might yet get some traction although I doubt it) is published and already some mean old sods of Scottish origins and Scotch predilections have complained about the sales price! Sheesh already. Get your sporrans open and shell out because I have great news for you - it's a bargain.

After the green meanies started whining I did a little checking around on personal printing costs and by my reckonings if you downloaded the PDF version and printed it out it would, in ink and paper alone, cost you almost the price of the perfect bound copy you could get from LuLu (minus shipping). On a laser printer you would be looking at $21. On a SOHO ink jet the costs could be anywhere between $22 and $30. Add on the cost of the PDF and you've probably covered the shipping too. And let's be fair, who wants to be holding a ream of paper in bed when they can be holding a paperback book?

All of the above does not begin to mention the value of the content which is, needless to say, beyond rubies. And now that that is behind me it seems inevitable that I should turn my attentions back to the long gestating novel. It might mean that entries here will become less frequent or less detailed. It might not. We shall see. But then, should is not will.

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