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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

subjective - objective

So! In the last two days you have been told two different stories. Or! Are they the same story?

Different points of view on the same facts? On the same actual, objective realities? The same incidents.

Is one of them true? Is either of them true? In any real sense? Are both of them true?

Rather than being a trick of narrative what you have is a trick of subjectivity. Which is true for you? And for me? And for Gill? And for Annie? And for any and all of the "participants"?

If there actually exists an objective reality how would it be possible for a human being to access it since any language based access to it is intermediated? If an objective reality existed no human could access it. For even our perceptions and memories are intermediated by language. A direct apprehension of objective events, should it be possible, would be intermediated on recall or retelling.

If an objective reality exists then it is useless to us as humans and might just as well not exist for we clearly do not have the right kind of intelligence to perceive it.

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