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Monday, December 12, 2005


Make no mistake - if you cut logs or prune trees or shrubs then you need one of these.. This is cutting edge technollogy for real. This elegant, well-mannered beast goes through olive trunks like a knife through butter. I have never used anything like these ARS saws. Often I'll eschew getting the chainsaw out just for the pleasure of ripping through logs with this baby. It leaves an edge that you could polish and makes such light work of its task that it is a joy to use. I once thought that Sheffield was the home of fine blades, or Toledo, but now I figure it has to be Japan. I could amputate a leg with the 24cm version (I also have an 18cm version for up inthe trees) in under 60 seconds. Not mine I hope!

So, all olive logging is now done. G has begun clearing up the prunings - dragging it all off to two huge piles, one at the bottom by the river and one up top near the rhubarb patch. We will be having two (possibly simultaneous) massive bonfires soon if the rain holds off. I'm looking for 30 or 40 foot flames at least. Boys and fires just go so well together.

We made firm friends with the couple who helped out with the olives this year - Pantelis and Maria. It's an intense and communal thing where only the camaraderie stops you from feeling tired and going slightly mad. Bonds forged in the olive groves seem somehow to be unbreakable. We went out for a meal and some wine a couple of hours after the end of the second day and actually have an invitation to spend Xmas day with them and their family. We were also given an Ox bridle, a shep belll, some sheep shears and several cuttings from Maria's rosemary bush. Oh yes, and a wonderful bunch of roses (I'll try and get a shot of them posted later this week).

Sitting out in Classico this afternoon - the weather has not broken yet - Mamalaz gave us some lettuce and cabbage plants to grow on for our "winter salads". The generosity of the locals is just breathtaking sometimes.

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