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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Behind us - in front of me?

You hearing now from one very happy bunny. We did just finish olives a few days back and I don't think I did ever have so moch fun in all my life well not with my clothes on as they say! I was started for real in the valley but no we did it all the old way like when all the way back before Jesus like forever. Sticks, we used sticks. We just hit the trees with sticks and the olives all fell off. Loads of them. And the more we hit them the more olives did fall of into the nets and onto the mats. Green ones, red ones, even black ones, big ones, small ones they just rained down on us good job we had hats and specs on! The leaves came down and the little branches and it all had to be sorted out before they could go into the huge sacks. And sometimes there was a birds nest or a rats nest. Once I did have to crouch over a lavendar plant to protect it while they put the mat over me and beat the tree in the front garden - it was hot - and the olives coming down was like having a massage by the fruits.

The lady that was helping us was called Maria and her husband called Pandylees was the man with the chain-saw. Maria was so quick at picking all the crap out and so cheery. As for Pandylees he was absolute magic with the chain saw, juggling it up in the trees and cutting everything so neat and clean and tidy. He did all the big cutting and cut all the big trunks and branches up into logs for the stove later. But he did let me saw up some of the littler bits - not so small by English standards but ... Bloody hell them Japanese saws are just bloody brilliant! We had a big one and a small one but Pandylees had a very big one that was hooked on his belt all the time like a gun in its holster. He's a little bloke (well not so little for a Greek I guess) with a beard and dressed all in black. He's only got about 4 teeth and when he eats his face kinda collapses. I couldn't credit that he was younger than the Boss but I spose he's had a hard life but he was up and down in the trees like a monkey on a stick.

Second day near killed me. First day was great but long and I spect we didn't pace our sleeves too well. Second day my back was killing me and my shoulders were aching all day. My wrist and forearm was near dropping off and hour in and I was fit to drop but we just carry on. And on till we were done. The field looked wonderful with all the trees trimmed and neat and the bags standing around and the prunings everywhere - the views all transfromed.

That night we went out to drink and eat with everyone who worked on the harvest in a taverna what his bro does run. He's one of 11 children so he's got a big family an I think we must've met most of them that night sept the ones that live in Australia and they was all nice people and they liked us too.

And the following evening as the dark was coming on two other Greek blokes turned up to collect the sacks but the Boss has talked about that already and I had to help the big old bloke lift all the sacks into the pickup because his back is crocked and then it was all over but we had had so much fun all working together that I'd wanted it to go on and on. I coulda cried but I didn't want people to see.

But it's finished now and the Boss still hasn't talked about me going back so I'm keeping quiet. We going to be resting up for a few days now.

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