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Friday, December 02, 2005


OK people, so now it is official - the weather has gone completely berserk. After the mad south winds finally subsided this morning the sun came through and by mid-day it had got up to 29�C (that's 85�F to you people still counting in � Shillings and Pence) and there it stayed all afternoon. Drinking frappes down at Cafe Classico we had to sit in the shade so fierce was the sun! I had to check that it really was the 2nd of December. Madness!

The girls enjoyed being able to lay about on their decking without being blown about and getting wet bellies. We ourselves enjoyed being out and about getting fresh air into our lungs and clearing the catarrh form our heads. It also gave us a good chance to blow the house through - it's beautifully freshened now although you can still catch the scent of lavender here and there.

Speaking of lavender (or writing about it in point of fact) Gill is off in Xania this evening setting up stall for tomorrow's bazaar. She's meeting up with Maria from Botanica whose stall she is sharing and will hopefully work out the details of how they'll share the duties. She's only been gone an hour and I'm missing her already. We spend so much time together that any separation feels weird. So it's just me and the girls (and Radio 4) - and they won't settle properly until she's back.

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