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Sunday, November 27, 2005


So sis, what do you make of the last week then? All that freak weather and then that freaky worm thing. Strange week all around - wouldn't you agree?

I hate the rain more than anything. As you well know I really dislike having dirty feet and that is almost unavoidable when it's hissing down all the time. Just popping outside for a wee gets your feet filthy. Not that pa hasn't done his best with the run but it still gets mucky out there. And when the wind is blowing the rain right up your chuff it's no fun squatting out there.

You should get under the palm leaf shade he put up - that stays dry longer than any other part of the run. For me it's when the wind lifts my ears up and blows into them. I know your ears are heavier and you don't get that but it's sooooo annoying! Wet inside your ears is horrid.

So it has been what, 3 days of wind and storm force winds followed by one day of rain and no wind and then 1 day of wind and no rain? Weird week indeed but it was nice that the kids were around all week and we did get to go in the house a lot more and sit with them - on the sofa!

Oh yes I love that all those unexpected trips indoors. And, because it was so wet he couldn't hang our blankets out on the line and get rid of our smells. Although he did do a lot of rearranging while mum was in Xania. That was the day after we found the death's head hawk moth caterpillar in the run.

You mean that monster alien turd that turned up in the run? Gross, wasn't it? Good job we protected mummy from it though. We know our jobs don't we? She was worried by it but at least she didn't scream and run. I'll tell you what though, this weather has given me a real appetite of late.

Yes, I had noticed, you've finished my dinner the last 3 nights. Just because you're bigger doesn't mean you can eat my food.

But it does.

Why don't you fill up on olives like I do during the day? Since pa showed us how to unpack walnuts I've been trying it on lots of things and it works. And what with the wind there are loads of olives being blown into the run. And the darkest ones are really nice. You should try them.

Maybe I will but they're a bit bitter aren't they? Or is that just the little pale ones?

Yes I think those ones aren't quite ripe yet but if you stick with the big dark ones they're really tasty - nostimos even. Do you think we'll get out on the chain again soon?

If the rain holds off I suspect we shall. Lets keep our paws crossed. See if you can't get Shem to post those drawings of us that Lindz did with this.

I'll try.

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