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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Fixers

The boys in red overalls have been confined to quarters for most of today as have the dogs: most but not all. It started raining sometime during the night: G heard it tapping on the canopy over the bathroom window and got up to close the window but it was so dark that she couldn't read the clock. I slept through the initial downpours and when I got up it had clearly been raining heavily for some time (the ashtray on the outside table was full past overflowing - and with rainwater for once) and so it continued with only few let ups throughout the day.

We, Gill and I, capitalised on one such respite when we shot off up to Mathes and replenished our drinking water supplies from the spring. On the way back we picked up post from the taverna and provisions from Ariadne's. Georgi seemed not to be at home and so rather than bumming a frappe there we swung by Bellissimo on the way home. Th strip was more or less under water - submarine and boat access only! And there are still a few tourists about - I do not envy them a cold, damp, hotel room with the rain torrenting down outside.

The enforced rest clearly didn't agree with the boys in overalls because when we got back they had disappeared out to the carage and were busy sawing the back off of a dishwasher that they started gutting yesterday. The carage is littered with cables and pumps and motors and they are concentrating solely on the carcass of the thing. The idea, so I am informed, is to turn it into a small wall cupboard! Go figure! This kind of madness is their own. It is comparable to turning a discarded indirect water heater into a garden roller and an ash can - nutty but quite useful. We are thinking of entering them for the Scrapheap Challenge as they seem incapable of allowing any appliance to find a final rest. I hope I die after them for I fear what they might repurpose my corpse for.

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