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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Radio! Radio!

Another photo from Gill's loving lens today. No need for identification though, we know what this one is. We get them all the time. This one was waiting in the outside sink that I was cleaning out this morning before the rain settled back in this afternoon. It was dead - probably drowned over the last rainy week. Although the dreadful southerly wind has abated, rain is till with us. But as I've said we managed to get out and about this morning tidying up, checking out, and cleaning up (the wind dropped a fair amount of Saharan sand on outdoor surfaces necessitating a trip to the roof to clean and polish solar collection panels soon). Oh, when will Phoebus revisit us?

On checking the multiple copies of this blog today it transpires that Chick was not our only entomological Sherlock Holmes and that alfapet, the lovely wife of our very own northern correspondent also solved our very public mystery. And so, the two people that we thought might be most likely to unriddle our riddle did indeed unriddle it. Well done that woman!

G was off to Xania on the bus yesterday visiting a little boutique that specialises in packaging materials to select satin sachets for her stand at the Xmas bazaar. Despite the awful weather. And while she was there I reorganised all of the audio equipment in the cellar so that the Macs can now connect readily to the Sony speaker system. The Sony system supports two input audio streams and even allows us, should we so desire, to mix the two streams together. After the reorg we now have one set of inputs hooked up to the mp3 player and the other to one of the laptops. Since we have had ADSL, however spasmodic it may be, we have had the potential to stream BBC's Radio 4 output reliably and now we are actually doing it. We listened to Saturday's afternoon play this afternoon as the light began to fade and the rain began to close in. It was a remarkably warm and comforting experience and one we shall be repeating throughout winter. We have another plank installed in the raft that we sail through winter on!

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