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Monday, November 07, 2005


All contributors to this blog have been officially warned today. There will be no more open faced disclosure of the cryptic titles to blogs. Individual queries will be dealt with on a case by case basis but revealing the mysteries is now officially frowned upon - it might even become a sackable offence. All staff at the Felia offices have signed what we laughingly refer to as the Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA): they agree not to disclose the existence of nor the solutions to their own or anyone else's puzzles and I agree to let them keep posting. It's a bit one-sided I know but then again this is my blog first and foremost and I get to write the rules.

Diatribe done: external contributors warned. We can now get on with a swift farm update a les Archers (oh those were the days - when one could tune in to Ambridge twice a day and for an hour and a half on Sunday mornings).

This week got off to a stinker of a start: up at seven to be out by eight to get Betty to Adonis by 9 to have her serviced and returned by 1. Well that was the plan. Somehow, well planned Mondays here turn into shambles, ashes in the mouth, debacles, call them what you will - something or everything goes horribly wrong and threatens to ruin your week before it's even started. I drove all the way to Kosta's workshop in Xrysopigi only to find that Adonis wasn't there. That he had to work at this other job today. That he hadn't told Kostas I was coming. That Kostas was fully booked. And, that there is no chance that the service will be done before Wednesday! I left and drove back home furiously, furious.

I could have let it wreck the day and sour the week but why? Shit happens. Here, it happens a lot. Especially if you try to plan things. Instead I picked up a paintbrush and a can of Hammerite and got cracking on that front door that's been crying out for a fresh lick of paint for months. Well, right after I had been on the phone to Adonis I did! So, I'll probably end up going to Xania 3 times this week and Reth once - so what? It's not as if I had anything planned to do with my week is it now?

And Wednesday for the service? We shall see.

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  1. OK Mr. Archer -- yes, I understood your barbed title, -- just you get on with your daily dose of logorrhea, and don't worry about upsetting your readers. Who knows, that attitude might even result in you receiving an employment offer from your friends in MerdeMac.