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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Me and Eddie were outdoors most of today despite it being a bit parky. There's been this cold north east wind blowing most of the day and it's got a real bite on it. Next time that Lidls does a line on the thermal undies I'm going to be in there like Flynn. The red overalls are warm but it'd be nice to have some extra heat sometimes. Still, the new work gloves that the Boss got us from Lidls are really good and tough, and warm too.

This morning we were re-stacking the log pile so's the bulk of the logs are closest to the opening in the tarp and that way when we need to top up the logs in the house it's a nice easy job with not too much time outside. Today was bright so it was a perfect time to do it. While we were at it Eddie suggested that we chop some more kindling - he's aware that he isn't gonna be here all winter and wants to get as much done as he can before he has to go - not that we were particularly short (the kindling trunk was still at least half full). Great exercise chopping wood. An old Greek lady once told me or us that a wood fire keeps you warm two ways - once when you light it and once when you chop the wood for it! Come to think on it that was Georgi's aunty Calliope told us that and she's about 80. Still shops her own wood. Still hones her own axe! Game old bird.

Anyway, when we'd finished log stuff we stopped and watched the buzzards riding the hot air over the valley before we cleaned out the stove, emptied last nights ahes into the spiffy new ash can that the Boss designed, and laid in tonight's fire - all very satisfying - we weren't sweating but we had a good glow on. Then we went down to the strip with the rest of the Felia crew for shopping and a coffee. Bugger me if the cafe wasn't closed again! Still, we got a few DVDs free with the papers (Gill reads them but for me they're just for helping start the stove and we store them in the converted dishwasher that lives in the carage).

So, no coffee. Cutting our losses me and Eddie got back to clearing up outside the front wall. last week some blokes from the local council came round and cut back all the trees and bushes and shrubs that were hanging over the road outside and to bulldoze the encroaching mud and rocks back to the sides. The road was suddenly twice its normal width! Mostly it was olives they trimmed since the entire valley is mostly given over to olive groves. We gave them a couple of days but yesterday it became clear that they weren't coming back to clear all the cuttings so that's what we were clearing. That and the bamboo that the bloke up the valley dropped off of his truck when he cleared his olive grove a few weeks back. We collected 4 big bags (and I do mean big - it's one of those bags that builders deliver sand and gravel, or asvesti in - about a cubic metre's worth) full of assorted bio-crap and started a new bonfire pile down where the last one was with it.

After that we took the girls out of their run and put them on the big chain between the house so they could have a good wander and while they were running around we hand weeded a big chunk of the gravel forecourt. G was indoors all this time cooking up that smashing winter grub that she does - pork with celery and leeks, beef with mushroom and potatoes, and, for tonight, a lovely chicken jal frezi (Eddies all time favourite). The smells alone were enough to keep us going.

Great day all round thanx for asking!

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