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Monday, September 26, 2005


We would seem to be into Autumn with the weather - precocious Autumn and not to be trusted to last but we have to treat it as it comes. Mornings are fine but cloudy. afternoons cloud over and threaten. Schedules need adjusting to reflect this.

Wouldn't you just know it? Having sorted out oil and water on Betty I took the opportunity this morning to clean out the back seats - dust about one eighth of an inch thick - in honour of Inge's visit. It was hot as hell in there - even with the windows open - and I sweated like a pig. The clowns who have been clearing bamboo in the field 3 up from us with a JCB dropped a load of crap in the road and on Betty when they left yesterday so I cleared that up too. And then, when it was time to go out for a coffee she started like a dream but seems to be misfiring on one cylinder so she lacks power and sounds a bit rough. Typical of an old woman - you lavish attention on her and she behaves less well than when you neglect her! Looks as though we'll be dropping in on Kyrie Theodorakis on our way to the airport tomorrow - bugger!

I've taken the opportunity that the cooler afternoons have offered to get both the girls up on the stripping table over the last few days and they look so much better for it. They are both very well behaved on the light leash and will stand for an hour or more without complaint nowadays. Molly no longer looks like a teddy bear. She has matured into a very nice looking Irish under all that fluff - a great lay in of neck and shoulders, good deep chest (plenty of heart room) and her back legs are a revelation now that we've lost the cowboy chaps. She looks like a real powerhouse moving away and her head has fined down while her ears have come up a touch. We could show her - I think. Bridey is a different kettle of fish altogether. It only took me a couple of hours to sort her out - her coat is gorgeous and was just ready. She has always looked the part and this time round I left a bit more hair on her ears so that they sit better. Elegant and ladylike she's a real eye-catcher. I suspect that she's too big for the show ring though. She also has the most amazing furniture - hard almost to the point of breaking and just enough of it to really impress.

I also trimmed the palm yesterday and G had her hair done last week so it's only me that looks like a shaggy beast. C'est la vie. And I don't care.

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