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Monday, September 19, 2005

Farmboy speaks again

Well, beat me with a rolled up and oily copy of the News of the World and call me an inveterate blogger but us guys here have sure missed you all. Didn't think I'd ever say it but ... Somewheres along the route we have all gotten accustomed to having our say now and then to you good guys and ladies out there and when those incompetent apes over at Spymac foisted an unexpected, unwelcome and, so it looks at present, interminable enforced layoff on us we soon started to get the old cold turkey symptoms. We all enjoyed the rest for the first couple of days but soon thereafter it got to be a right royal pain in the chatsby. And, when we realised we had no idea, and what's worse, no say, in when we'd get back online we understood that we were missing blogging.

Some of the old crew kept in touch, a tip of the hat to Liam, but the much vaunted "community" at Spymac crumbled without their infrastructure. The twins suspect that some of those sad little boys over there may have topped themselves in the lay off! So, perhaps it wasn't all bad especially if it was some of the jerk-offs who haunt the Sanctuary and push their bizarre ideas against all reason.

The extra couple of hours freed up by the enforced layoff were rarely put to better use and until we petitioned the Boss for a new place to pitch our tents we spent hours discussing the rank incompetences, technical and otherwise, of the Spymac bunch. Piss up and brewery come to mind!

Enough of that. Let us draw a veil over the episode and proceed in orderly fashion from here on in back along that delightful journey of discovery that the Papalaz Channel had become. Personally I can't wait for the next episode of the Molly and Bridey tail. That and Eddie's arrival. But before Eddie comes we've got Inge coming to stay and she's one tough cookie! P&L leave tomorrow and a week just hasn't been enough time to get to know them properly.

We all had a good night out at Mesostrato yesterday night with Profit and Loss and the raki flowed into the early hours - the first few hours this a.m. were a bit of a write off! It's great to be out with people who know how to enjoy themselves!

Me? I'm fine. A few niggles physically but hey! none of us is getting any younger and times around here aren't too onerous right now so we have some hope of recovering before the onslaught returns. Mind you, the rains have started everything to sprouting around the farm and the brush cutter could be getting an outing real soon. Still, the olives are swelling and the bottle brush tree is a sight for sore eyes so no carping!

Well done to the Boss for finding us all a new site to pitch tents!

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