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Sunday, September 18, 2005



We have arranged a new home for the circus since the place we were last encamped turned out the lights on us and they themselves are currently running on candle power. In the search for a bigger, better, faster user experience they turned our lives into a blind man's nightmare. Technical incompetence and towering hubris on their part left us all feeling, and being, left out in the cold. And still we have had no mea culpa, no apologies - just a constant bleat of "... when it's up you'll love it..". Well, we won't!

This'll have to be quick because we have visitors - yes, more of them. Pete and Lotti turned up this week and we're off out to see them later for a meal and possibly some liquid refreshments too!

Sitreps on the dramatis personae are n order:

G is fine and is having a brief respite from lavender although the French is going bereserk since the rains (it absolutely hissed down all of Friday leaving us with mudslides into the girls' run and some small amount of cleaning up to do). She'll be getting in touch with Maria about harvesting and distilling this week we think.

Farmboy is complaining of aches and pains that few folk die of. He has been a brick clearing the mudslide and cutting new channels to encourage the rains to go elsewhere next time. he has also paintede the outside of the garage which is now all laspied up.

Shem and Shaun: well, you know them; as disputatious as ever and sparking all over the place with their wit and wisdom.

Me? I'm just fine. I replaced our IT backbone in the last weeks so we now run a mixed 802.11b/802.11g wireless network throughout the house and that (mercy be, and, lorks a lummey) connects to an ADSL modem/router that gives everyone access to the world wide websphere at 384/128! Constantly. Like, as in always on! Whoa, lets hear a roar of approval for Forthnet, OTE and the guv'nor (me) who made it all possible and eventually got it all to work (Spymac take note: downtime was agreed and managed properly within time and budget).

More another day and remember - you are all welcome at this circus.

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