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Monday, June 18, 2007


1500 milligrams of amoxicilin, 375 milligrams of clavulanic acid, 1600 milligrams of Ibuprofen , mind jarring amounts of caffeine and nicotine, is this any way to live? Is this a diet worth having? What is it with the Guv'nor pouring this amount of chemicals down his neck day in and day out? By my reckoning he's taken more pharmaceuticals since Staurday than in the previous 5 years.

OK so the guy has an abcess under one of his front bottom incisors but so what? That tooth has been all but useless since the olive accident 3 years ago. Surley he should have had the thing taken out before things got to this pass? He and G traipsed off to Xania this am and good old Nikos extracted the tooth in question, drained some of the obscene pus and told him to keep taking the tablets. Maybe good old Nikos should have extracted the top incisor that was damaged at the same time? Or do we all have to live through another bear with a sore head session in a few months time? Might be the best thing all round but for now let's just hope that when the feeling comes back the Guv'nor is in less pain and can knock off the ibuprofen popping, and that the Augmentin kicks in to kill off the infection.

He does look odd with that new and gappy smile of his, yes he has raised a smile since coming home, and although we are all trying not to laugh and show our complete dentitions I doubt it can last.

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P.S. I know I'm just an old country boy but could one of you prescribers out there please explain to me how a guy who only eats once in a day is supposed to take antibiotics three times a day after meals? Beats me and if'n you could hear the Guv'nor retching first thing in the am after his first meds it'd bother you too.

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