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Friday, June 15, 2007

The crew mutiny

So there I was this morning minding my own business, checking emails, and catching up on things online: the cellar chores were done and G was out in the fields in her tatterdemalion gathering the first gleanings of the early lavender harvest when there came a knock at the door.

I turned my head leftward some 80 degrees or so and there was Shem framed in the stable doorway, the top half of which was open already. "Can I have a word please guv'nor? It is quite important. At least it is important to us." Over his shoulder I could see Farmboy and Eddie, and a little farther off Shaun skulked. "Come on in Shem - come on in all of you". Shem stepped inside nervously and the rest of them loitered without refusing my invistation.

"Is this some kind of delegation Shem? Takes me back to my old trades union days. Spit it out lad - what is it?". "The rest of the boys elected me as spokesperson stroke shop steward, they're all, wee're all. feeling a bit, well, to be frank, we're all feeling a bit neglected, it's become almost as if we'd all left home. We're afraid that the blog readers will all be thinking we're not pulling our weight around the farm. And that's just not so - as you well know. We do appreciate what a shitty time you've been having of late with all this legal shite and that's why or partly why we've not spoken up before but now that you've got all that behind you and trust me we're all really pleased that you have got that behind you or rather behind us - we thought it was about time we got a mention again. Maybe even an entry or two of our own?"

Of course he was right - they all were - how could I have been so remiss? I got up, pushed the chair back, and hugged him close to me.  I guided him to the door and embraced each of the boys separately. "I'm so sorry boys, trust me, I am so sorry, I apologise unreservedly." There was a profound, group silence that I broke with a grin and a smile - "OK kids, we start tonight - let's get this show back on the rails! The lavender crew ride again!" Slowly but surely four faces beside mine lit up.

And so, tomorrow we start over.



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