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Sunday, June 24, 2007


The temperature was up at 98 (using ºf dates us we know) by 10 this morning and has continued to climb all day . On days like this you close all doors, windows, and shutters and stays indoors - at least if you have any sense you do. Or unless you're a dog and live outside. Luckily we have previously rigged up a shower system for the girls' run that cools down both the run itself and the kennel too. This system uses irrigation or farmers' water and can drop the localised temperature a couple of degrees and raise the humidity by 10s of percentage points within an hour.

As for us us we sit indoors in the darkened cool cellar that has one wall underground. Once the air temperature rises above blood heat fans are pointless and we resort to dampened and chilled scarves and cloths. We sit very still and listen to reports on Radio4 of horrid weather in the UK and disruptions to travel caused by rain.

It is hard to imagine anybody voluntarily prostrating themselves on the beach on days like this but we know it happens and imagine that beach bar takings do not suffer in the same way as the people do. Pity the poor staff. Especially the one collecting beach bed fees!

The latest forecast suggests that it might begin to cool by Thursday.

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