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Saturday, June 16, 2007


We, me and Ceddie, were working the fields again today its been a busy time lately in the fields. He was cutting sukkers from the olive trees and any new groath going into the middle of the tree (gotta keep themopen so's the sunlite can get in) they haven't been done proply since Panderlise did them the other year and he only did harf of them and I was dragging all the cutaways down to the river bank what got washed away last year before the wedding and weevig them into a kinda fence. It was hot as all stink out there as Ceddie would say and we was sweating like pigs (do pigs sweat?) there was salt water dripping into my eyes and down the inside of my sunglasses but we got thru about half the trees and added to the brushcuttering that we did yesterday and the day before it was all starting to look v neat. Sos the last thihng Ceddie did was to cut a hole big bow off that was all growing to one side - bloody ginormous it was - and making the tree lopsided - so I cut all the little branches off and weeved them in the fence and then the two of us dragged the big ole mother up to the garage to log it.  We dont use the chainsaw if we can avoid it and so it was today we did it all with them little jap saws that the boss gets us.

Anyway the point was is we got the smaller stuff off and we was down to the main trunk what was pretty bloody big and Ceddie kept getting the blade jammed as the trunk closed on it and cos there was a lot of of sap in it. And then he had this harmonius idea - he stepped over to one of the shelves where the boss stores bits and bobs and grabbed a coupla fine olive wedges that he'd made before then he got the little mallit made of olive that Shaun designed and Ceddie made in winter then he slipped a wedge into the cut he'd made and tapped it with the little mallit - that'll hold the sawcut open he said and as he swaed he just tapped the wedge a little now and then and suddenly he was thru. It was beautiful!

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  1. Good to have you back, guys, and to know that you're all fit and well.