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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Suffer the little children and blackmail the government

This man -

believes that atheists are intolerant (LINK)

believes that the Act of Settlement discriminates unfairly against members of his cult

has very strange ideas about paedophilia (LINK)

This man works for an organisation -

that has a long and illustrious history of both oppressing peoples directly (LINK) or supporting the oppression of peoples - (LINK)

whose most famous member so far has been Adolf Hitler

whose current head of operations was a member of the HItler Youth (and before anyone claims he had no choice they should try asking Dietrich Bonhoeffer LINK)

that routinely and systematically discriminates against all womankind despite worshipping a woman albeit a "virgin mother"

This man wants for himself and his organsation a special exemption from British legislation to outlaw discrimination against homosexuals so that he and it can continue to discriminate without legal let or hindrance.

And Tony Bair, who appears, to this writer at least, to be a closet Catholic and his henchwoman Ruth Kelly LINK who is a member of the cult within a cult Opus Dei (LINK) and is currently Minister for Women and Equality, might just give him what he wants.

In the name of Turing what is going on?

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