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Friday, January 05, 2007

Overture and beginners

Charlie strode to the desk behind which everyone else was now seated. "You all have one of these I take it?" he asked, slapping the spiral text fragment on the desk. Lory took a folded scrap from his breast pocket, straightened it, and put it carefully, fastidiously, beside Charlie's - in exactly the same orientation. Power copied Lory but placed his so that Charlie's was in the middle. All in silence. They turned as one man toward George. They quizzed him with their eyes. He shrugged. "I don't have one - should I?" "Not necessarily," intoned Lory but I am afraid you will have to leave us now. Isn't that correct Charles?" "'Fraid so Gee." He turned once more to George and spoke quietly but firmly, "Mr Lory is spot on there Georgie - off you go now" he motioned toward the door with his head. George did not quibble but left softly.

Charlie remained standing and looked directly at Power, "Gee knows what these are about, do you? Mr Power - do you know?"
"Why should George have one? And why doesn't he? And no I don't think I do know what these bits of paper are all about."
"First things first ... you two had copies of the spiral text - I have the original. George had none. As far as you are concerned that just excludes him from this meeting and for now that will have to suffice as explanation. It will become clear as to why later. One text remember - several copies - remember that - it's important."

Charlie gathered the 3 scraps together and pocketed them. He drew out a handkerchief from the same pocket and blew his nose noisily and wetly. "Would you share your insight with us Gee? Please?". He sat and crossed his right leg over his left after putting the handkerchief back in his right trouser pocket. He adjusted his trouser legs so that he displayed no bare leg flesh and settled back patiently.

The silence stretched before them. Mr Lory cleared some phlegm from his throat noisily. Mr Power wriggled, almost squirmed, on his seat - clearly uncomfortable. Charlie refused to puncture the now almost tangible silence. He sniffed and pinched his nose. Finally Mr Lory leaned forward and cleared his now dry throat - just formally.

"As far as I can make out" he started "this spiral text is a map of our world and its near environs. It seems to sketch, from what I could make out, the very structure and composition of what could best be termed our fictive universe. In a world other than ours it would be an hermeneutic, a visionary, even an holy text. It explains our whys and wherefores or at least it maps how we might explore those things. Might explain them."

Charlie clapped his hands "Bravo, Gee. That is substantially correct in as far as it goes ... and it goes a fair distance to be honest. Now why, do you imagine, that I was given the original and you two, as well as perhaps some others, have been given copies? Any idea? .................. No? Well never mind - I shall explain. Mr Power, are you following this? .................. No? Well never mind. All will become clear as I progress."


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