An irregular, irreverent, post-modern account of the surreal, the ordinary, and the bizarre happenings on and around the Felia lavender farm in Crete

Friday, January 19, 2007

A glimpse of stocking

The silence had evaporated amid a babble of speculation. Charlie was dismissing fervently each of Power's hypotheses as to what the new developments might be.

"Please gentlemen - can we simply wait a few moments? It should take no longer than ten minutes. Serena will be back soon and then we can continue. Chas - please feel free to smoke. AGAIN. Don't worry about the ashtray - - - you haven't so far."

Charlie lit a cigarette and lent back in his chair thinking once more of Petra whilst visualising Serenas divine cleft. He remembered fondly and sensually."

Mr Power straightened in his chair, he had attended Alexander technique classes, and sat looking across the desk at the door - waiting for it to re-open. His hands rested limply in his lap and he emptied his mind.

Lory powernapped.

They waited.

Eventually Serena pushed open the door and entered the office trailed by a slight dark haired girl who carried a full tray. Charlie pegged her at about 18 years of age. Pretty, in a common sort of way but with an uncommon figure that took his breath away. She had large, firm, insolent bosoms that were pushed up and out by an undergarment of some ingenious manufacture. She showed almost no discernible ribcage. Her skirt was low hoist, sitting squarely on her hips and an inch or two of perfectly, pubescently smooth, bronzed stomach peeked out. That, and a shadow of pubic hair.

The girl put down two more cafetierres and a clean ashtray. She removed the accumulated detritus of their meeting and left silently. Charlie sighed audibly and followed her exit. As he returned his gaze to the desk Serena was leaning close to Lory once more and whispering into his ear again. And Charlie glimpsed into her cleavage again, refreshing his memory and re-arousing his libido. "Lory serves himself well on totty" he thought.

Serena pulled the door closed as she left and Lory quietly called them to order. A suspicion of Serena's body musk hung in the air and Charlie breathed it deeply.

"Sorry gentlemen - I have wasted your time - and my own - the two supposed developments were no more than trivia - it transpires. I apologise. Chas, please continue ..."


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