An irregular, irreverent, post-modern account of the surreal, the ordinary, and the bizarre happenings on and around the Felia lavender farm in Crete

Saturday, November 25, 2006


A small, slight woman in a large red coat steps out of the tube station and looks up at the grey damp skies. A downpour has ceased not 5 minutes since. Zoom in. Her features are sharp and her skin pale. There is a blemish on her left cheek. Just in front of where her headscarf hides her ear. Zoom out. She stares across the crossroads towards Garrat Lane where two double decker buses are tailgating. She squints - 249s?

She decides against the umbrella and turns right into Mitcham road, walking briskly and picking her way between the loiterers and late shoppers. It will be fully dark within the hour. She checks her reflection in the window of a charity shop and adjusts the collar of her coat. Zoom in. She feels in her pocket for her keys and confirms to herself. She makes to the kerb and steps between a Mazda and a Toyota. Zoom out. The road is full at this time of evening - car drivers going home, buses taking people to the hospital or the pub or the junction. She waits, her head moving, checking for an opening. We assume her eyes are gimletting.

After perhaps three minutes she darts to the half way point and waits again. The traffic shows no sign of ceasing but after another few minutes it grinds to a complete halt. The traffic lights have broken. Spotting her chance she runs the last few yards to the pavement and safety. Her left heel catches between two paving slabs but she wriggles it free without damage to her or the shoe. Zoom in. She bends and checks the heel. Her handbag swings freely as she adjusts the toe of her stocking before stepping back into the red stiletto. Zoom out.

Instead of turning right or left she carries on and enters Undine street. Three houses in she opens the gate and springs up the front stairs with her keys in her hand. The dark green, glossy door opens and she disappears inside. Above the door there is a stained glass light. Light electric pours out through this light architectural. Zoom in. We can glimpse the back of a man's head. He is blonde and tall. Over six foot tall. He is wearing an arran knit cardigan that swings loosely about him.


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