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Monday, November 27, 2006

Intercept 101

Boris arrived "safe and sound" though I have serious concerns about his mental state and with his history ... The overland route seems yet safe from scrutiny. How close did they come to capturing him? He seems very shaken up and possibly verging on paranoid. As agreed we have put him in the house in Tooting and I shall make sure that he is seen every other day by one of our men. It is a good area where surveillance is light. By the way the value of the house has increased some 7 percent in value in the time since we bought it. The house price boom is certainly good news for laundry central. Do you have something in mind for him while he is on vacation with us I wonder?

As far as red Sonia and the colonel are concerned I think that I have put their minds at rest as you suggested. I met up with them last evening and we evaded prying eyes quite easily. They are aware only that Sonia's base might be subject to scrutiny. The colonel thinks that he is clean. Passing off Anna's end as a state assassination convinced them of our clean hands and I hope it sticks. Is it only us watching Sonia? I hope so. I really do because if the FSB or Obshina are on the case then I doubt we can contain things here - even with Boris in residence.

I am "worried" about the colonel. And you?



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