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Monday, November 06, 2006

Making oil - no not olives - yet!

Its bin cold here the last fewdayz. Theres snow on the whitemountains and also on the ones behind u (south). Me an CEddieve been soritng out the stove and logpile and chimmeny nd stuff. and enjoying the results - luxsuriating in the warmth of n evening with a DVD. Full moon last nght and a clear sky saw the temp dropping to baout 3Âșc - it was amazing but the winterweight duvet went on today. We were also out of mains water for the weekend which was interesting to say the least. Since it was so overcats until last night we werent missing out on any hot water but today when we got sunshine and water back almost similtaneously we took our window and got washing and ablootions up to date (last shave today for all of us blokes). G's bin working down the lav patches picking and clearing out runoffs and stuff, planting koukia and trimming the hall veras.

High point of the weekend was going to Modi to see Babbis and distill lavender oil from G's 50,000 flower heads. Low point was hanging around trying to get Betty's electrics fixed - again! This is getting boring. ANd if the Boss hadn't had the windowscreen wipers changed we wouldntve even nown that they hadnt fixed them propply the day before - only hydraulics leak to fix now and then well see if shes fixed for winter. Ceddy put some silicone along the roofgutter the other day to tryan stop it raining inside the car but dont know yet ifn itll work we shall see (ha ha ha). The distillation party was amazing - six hours of boiling up steam and parsing thru the lavender flowerheads and then on thru a fridge unit (least I think thats what happens). Wile we were waiting Babbis - he used to be a cook chef - russled up a great meal of pasta and meat with a ggood red wine and some local cheeses. Just us and him - Maria cooldnt make it. Me and Ceddy got to have a good look round his sheds and storrooms befor it got dark - fascinating stuuf hes got stuffed away. Want me some of that! Wood metal everything! When it got round to six hours in we all trooped out to the stills (600 liter capacity each) and stood under the tin roof where it was cold and blowing and sleeting and watched while he drew of the ditillate - absolute magic - first the light oil and then the heavy, sliding down the side of the retort thingy - clear at first but changing to light green and then a blue overtone - beautiful and clear - I cant describe it I dont have words it was incredible. Never do that again - not for the first time like that. 760 millilitres. Result. Now its got to sleep for a while. Cant wait for to sniff it - wonderful.

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  1. Glad to hear that the distillation went well, not so sure that the silicone will stop the leaks, however - it never worked for me!