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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Slick Tony

There is an oil slick in the Mediterranean right now. No, not Tony Blair - that little grease spot has disappeared to the Caribbean for his holiday this year. It's OK though. It's only 75 miles long. It's probably smaller (just) than the Exxon Valdez spill. It's alright though - it'll only affect fishing and tourism in the area for a few years. Maybe 3 or 4. And it's possible that it'll cause cancer as well as affecting the breeding grounds of the green turtle. Oh yes, it might spread out to Turkey and Cyprus soon.

If you live in the UK you have probably seen more column inches on Margaret Beckett's caravan than you have on this oil slick. Why would that be? Could it be that the press are demonizing MB for her lower middle class habit of caravanning? Because she disagrees with slick Tony's mealy mouthed support for Israel's continuing prosecution of its actions in Lebanon (and Gaza in case you and the rest of the world had forgotten)? Surely not.

By the way, the oil spill I mention in the opening paragraph was occasioned by Israeli bombing of the Jiyyeh power station in Lebanon and so it isn't getting urgent attention since the area is quite dangerous at present and will probably remain so until Israel has been allowed to complete its premeditated invasion of Lebanon. "Premeditated?" I hear you cry. "Yes", I rejoin, "looks like it might have been!" George Monbiot thinks so too.

Raking through non-obvious sources today I came up with an interesting piece that details all of the incursions Israel has made into Lebanon's sovereign state in the months before its carefully planned invasion began and in that piece there was a link to Monbiot's piece in the Guardian today . If you read this piece it would appear that the US knew what was going to happen and so did the UK. Powerpoint presentations, for Turing's sake, of the Jewish State's "Final Solution" to Hizbullah. Dark shadows overhang this action.

I wonder, will we ever know the truth? I doubt it very much.

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  1. Leaving aside philosophical disputations as to what is meant by 'truth' for the moment, it is certainly true that whatever one means by the word politicians have no intention whatsoever of sharing their version with the rest of us. Accordingly, the 'truth' as politicians see it will never be made apparent to the hoi polloi who keep these misbegotten bastards in power.

    Basically, Israel can do whatever it likes - as long as it picks on the 'Ayrabs' - and the US and the UK will go along with it. Whilst one can demonise George Dubya and Toney Baloney - the current incumbents of the seats of power in those respective countries - the sad fact is that all administrations of both countries have supported Israel's excesses against its neighbours over many years.

    Some commentators, mainly Muslims, call this 'Islamophobia' but that is as misplaced a description as 'anti-semite' is. Besides, it is no more 'islamophobic' to criticise what is wrong with the actions of Muslims that it is 'anti-semitic' to criticise the wrongful actions of Jews; nor is it 'supporting terrorism' to question the draconian and anti-libertarian stances of the US and UK Governments.

    Fact: Hesbollah are murderous bastards.

    Fact: Israelis are murderous bastards.

    Fact: the US supports murderous bastards, and are murderous in their own right.

    Fact: the UK supports murderous bastards, and are murderous bastards in their own right - as Israel's Netanyahu pointed out in justification of his own country's war crimes and atrocities in Gaza and Lebanon.

    Fact: all politicians are duplicitous, mendacious, self-seeking and self-serving bastards who are solely motivated by their own megalomania and hubris.

    Fact: Anarchism, as so eloquently described by Bakunin, Kropotkin et al is the answer - except that it does not work in the real world.

    Which brings us back to philosophy: What is 'real' and what is 'truth'?

    Whatever these things are, they are something other than what politicians or religious leaders of any persuasion or stripe would like to have us believe. But then these people are not constrained by any such notions, as they pursue their own ideological and/or religious goals with a single-minded and blinkered approach that brooks no argument or dissent. As far as they are concerned, anyone who is not with them is an enemy and can be treated without any human compassion or decency whatsoever.

    So much for the so-called 'golden rule' : do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Now that's a fucking laugh!

    Basically, religion, of one sort or another, is the root of all evil, and those of us who have sufficient intelligence, rationality and integrity to recognise this sad fact are in the minority.

    Which is why the atrocities that continually surround us do so without apparent end.