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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Having almost dismissed the bruiser in last night's blog the big boy is back! In typical boisterous mood he has apparently been somewhat more forthright in private than he has had the nerve to be in public and has designated US government and Geo W Bush in particular as having been "crap on the middle east road map".

SHOCK HORROR - a politician speaks his mind.

DOUBLE SHOCK HORROR - a senior New Labour politician has a mind of his own.

And he isn't wrong either. Look at the facts and you'll come to the same conclusion. Bush allowed Israel, under the undead Ariel Sharon, to simply rip the roadmap up and write their own. Crap is mild! It's a bit like calling a vindaloo a masala. Olmert seems to believe that he has a "green light" to do just as he likes. And while the cowboy currently in charge sits on his hands in the White House he has.

It is worth reading Big John's supposed "denials" if you get a chance - the one thing he doesn't deny is the thing that he was actually reported as having said rather than those things the red tops suggested that he said. He' not entirely stupid.

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