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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ruff jobs

That brother of myne do make me laugh sometime. Ooppsw sorry big boss said I could do todays. Ta Boss. ANywa Ceddie got this odd habit of singing when he working but he first alway sing old songs like mum did sing and next he messes up the words. He do it on prupose I'm sure but it always make me laugh and the twins too. This morning he was putting some more paint varnish stuff Gorri on the oputside table and he was singing an old Abba song even though Shem said its Coal Porter and Shaun says is Nowall Coward and he sang this "Dressed up like a million dollar trouper - Trying hard to look like Gladys Cooper (super duper)". Well Shaun feel off the step laughing an I nearly wet meself. WE did all agree that it was very funny and Shem offered to put pictures of the two of them together sos you could see why it was so funny:

After that we had to toss up for a rotten job. Youd think wouldnt you that there are enuff blokes round here tht no job would find take no takers or vollunteers at least but thisll prove you wrong. I'd never done this one but Ceddie'd already tolt me all about it just after I got here and so far nobodys had to do it but it went up on the borad last week and eveyones been avoiding it. G cleans up dog vomit and the like - Ceddie'll clear any amount of dog crap and stuff, and I do slugs and scorpions and stuff but nobody wanted this one. BIg Boss said it had to be done today and was gonna do it hisself but we said we'd draw lots for it. He looked kinda relieved. And Eddie got the short strawer. So he had to cleanout the waste trap for the shower tray and I got to watch. Gross, slimy hair and soap and greeny black and stinking crap all over it. NO wonder nobody wants that job.

Tuerns out it was a German that wrote it after all (link curtsey of Shaun):

Putting on the Ritz

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