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Monday, April 10, 2006


First up's the link that I failed to give you yesterday - for Jill Walker's thesis : Jill's thesis. The link is courtesy of our home counties correspondent. Speaking of whom he has been extremely active in his blogging activity of late and is covering a very broad gamut - recommended reading -
Old Git's blog . Prove for yourself that, for some at least, wisdom can come with age.

Quick update from the farm.

Shutters have been removed, sanded, Gorried, and rehung. The recently strimmered lawn has been raked. Eddie has re-engineered the girls' heat wave shower curtain. Frambot has overhauled and serviced the Husqvarna cultivator - tines sharpened, mud removed, greased up, oil change, air filter cleaned, petrol changed, bodywork polished. The table has been sanded and Gorried - two coats. The last of last year's mulberry has been sawn into logs and added to the seasoning pile. Irrigation feed to the farm has been checked out - our irrigation will be checked anon. G has new shelves to two walls in her potting shed - terracotta to match the walls - they were parts of someone's bed last week - salvaged from a wheelybin on Friday. Of the seeds G planted two weeks ago the nasturtiums, and tomatoes are through - asters and lavender awaited. The raspberry is thriving. Two of the cherry trees are in bloom. There is a wild poppy blooming like mad in one of the front garden beds.

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