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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Actual Qualities of Imaginative Things

Those of you, and there are, I know, a lot of you, will be perfectly well aware that, as a bunch, we do not get out much - understatement. And so taking the whole caboodle and kin out on a "family trip" yesterday was some tense time. Family - is that what we are? Really? Turing help us all! It wasn't just the regular motley either, we had Gilbert and Keith along too. Keith took so long doing his makeup that we were very nearly late and then at the last minute he insisted on taking his red plastic carrier bag with him and of course he couldn't find it anywhere (turned out later that Eddie had purloined said article because he thought Keith was being "spooky").

Enough preamble - stop it - and do not even mention the journey. OK - I won't.

We turned up at Finn's place (see - I didn't mention the journey - well only the beautiful rock lined pathway to their front door) mob handed and looking like a band of vagabond gypsies (no surprise there then) but the ever gracious Fiber and Alfapet received us as though we were not just expected, but genuinely welcome. Their large single story timber building dominates the plot that was yesterday looking spick, span, and spruce. The plot was looking as though it was getting sick and tired of waiting for spring but that's northern climes for you. In the back of the house there is a small cottage like structure that houses the sauna and fun rooms and we had wondered whether the party would be held there but no, we were ushered into a family living room where we all spent time getting each to know the other again. And then the party proper got under way!

It is odd to mix imaginative and actual things and person in a real and fictive and location. I even caught sight of a copy of Papalaz's new blook - looks quite stylish although it was filed alphabetically - something we don't do at the farm. Gilbert wandered off and spent most of the time searching through the copious bookshelves looking for english titles even though I had specifically told him that I wanted to introduce him the Finn. Gill got on like a house on fire with Alfapet who was radiant and a perfect hostess and they spent hours looking through photographs and talking horticulture. The farmtwins were spotted chopping logs out by the sauna and sawing timber - it's hard for them to disappear when they wear the signature clothing! Keith spent most of his time talking to married ladies and checking out their wedding rings. Shem? Shaun? Who knows?

When I tackled them today about where they had been they averred that they had spent most of the time in the sauna with a girl called Helmi. Now, we had purposely not taken M&B along because of Helmi. Helmi is a cat for Shannon's sake so what they had been drinking I do not know - there was a potent local brew available, perhaps that was it.

I rounded everyone up at around 12:30 after I noticed that Esko had taken himself off to bed and we got back here knackered and happy and fell into our beds. What a great way to spend a day. Thanx Finn, thanx Esko, thanx Alfapet.

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