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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DORO (241 or a freebie)

While we're in the mood answer me this one. The people who live next door - we never use the N word - and there are, or were at last count 2 of them (Myra and Ian) although we see them so infrequently since they began barricading themselves in behind tin windows and batty trellis use their washing machine every day well she does he doesn't do anything around the apartment apart from the hoovering when they have guests coming for a dinner party how is it I ask you that we never see underwear on the drying lines that they have strung around their balconies? Bed linen - a complete change twice a week. Beach towels twice a day in summer. But underwear? Never. 3 options spring to mind: one, they don't wear any (extremely unlikely given their obsession and repulsion at the very existence of bodily fluids; two, they are so anally retentive that their nether regions digest their underwear; and three, they cannot bear the idea of anybody seeing their underwear so they dry them indoors. Whatever the real answer I find it very peculiar.


  1. Because they know that you are looking for them.

  2. The real reason is that they know you read that advice to wear black stockings and a lacy camisole and think that you'd pinch their undies if they put them where you could get your hands on them.

  3. You remind me of an underwear mystery with an old housemate. After living with him for some time, I noticed that I never saw on him the bikini briefs found in his laundry, although he often walked around the house in boxers. At first I thought maybe he just wore the briefs for dates and such, but then he hit a dry spell and didn't really have any, but the briefs kept turning up in the laundry. I joked with him once - a joke that fell flat in the event (or became a better joke, depending on how you look at it) - that the answer must be that he was so anal retentive (boy, was he!) that he wore boxers over his bikini briefs. You guessed it...

    Best to all,