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Monday, February 06, 2006

Stove - the reality

I do love that man very dearly but sometimes he just does my head in. I mean! That lyrical ode to the bloody stove yesterday! Sheer sentimentality or what? It wasn't him up the ladder most of yesterday. It wasn't him wading around in a half flooded carage sawing, carving and sanding, snipping metal, drilling holes and such. No that was me. Me and Eddie. It wasn't him 3 metres up the ladder in the wind and rain with an electric drill half the day. And Eddie footing the ladder for me down below getting covered in soot. We were putting a new cap end together for the stove pipe bottom and fitting it but the pipe is irregular shaped. It's a recurring issue and one I've still not fixed up to my satisfaction. You see we've got about this stove pipe about 3 metres up an outside wall and ... Never mind that's my problem. I've got some ideas - again. And once we'd got that fettled we had to rehang one of the washing lines that he waxed lyrical about. The Boss doesn't get to deal with the shitty end of some of those things that he loves so much. Ah so what - we love him anyway. Especially so since he still hasn't mentioned Eddie going back to blighty (fingers crossed).

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