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Friday, February 03, 2006


While it is true that Gill never rests on her laurels the same cannot be said for the self-important members of the scriptorium that produce this ignoble blog. It seems as though that recent CultSpy award has gone to their collective creative head and so they have been trawling through the last week or so's entries looking for plaudits from the readership. It was slim pickings but they have gathered them together beneath this paragraph chiefly to avoid having to write a piece for today.

Eskimo Weekly : Been reading your blog but not knowing what to say exept that I'd yearn to master my own thinking and mother language like you do yours! I'll reread some of your entries next weekend more thoroughly.

Die Shwartzweld: Wow. Seriously, words fail me right now. This is the kind of writing I dream of being able to do... Amazing entry ... such magical words...

The Kentucky Occasional: Your descriptions of life in Crete are more than poetic... they're soul-enriching. :)

Cefiro Daily: Beautiful writing...

We have absolutely no idea which particular, particularly scurrilous member of the yellow press wrote that opening paragraph but we're here to tell you that it isn't strictly true. Under normal circumstances we'd write a full and detailed rebuttal but since we're all feeling really laid back after a bright, dry, still and peaceful day forget it. Just because we like a stroke now and then doesn't make us bad people And anyway, finding those plaudits, and cutting and pasting them, must have taken almost as long as writing a decent piece would have done. C'est la vie. While we're on the subject of vanity Shem had been looking into the possibilities that online, print to order, vanity publishing open up to the Lavender Circus crew but we have to ask ourselves whether we would ever want to know that these ramblings exist in something other than the ether. What sort of creature would "the book of the blog" be?

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