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Thursday, February 23, 2006


The scouts have been out and about. This was the seventh fine, rain-free, day in a row and so the entire crew disappeared for half the day checking out their pet projects and potential projects: seeing how things are drying up (and now that we have a chunky southerly wind it's drying quickly); checking out materials; stocking up on potting compost (you know who you are) which involved a trip out to the local hardware store (80 litres - that should keep you going for a while G); and opening up the log pile pit to speed up the drying out.

The Guv'nor has been checking in with Adonis regularly this past month to try and ascertain when Daisy will be back but is still getting precisely nowhere - we all miss her badly. Not having a pick up is a serious disability right here and right now. Not so much of a problem in summer but autumn and winter are times when one needs to be able to collect and transport - anything and everything. He has also been trying to locate an Apple USB modem for when the ADSL line goes down again (it hasn't happened recently, but we saw an OTE van today and if they are out and about there is a fair chance that they'll bugger things up sooner or later and it has been a while) but the Greek Apple store appears to be strictly monolingual as well as being pretty much impenetrably obscure.

And yet, through all of this we all have to stop every once in a while and remind ourselves that it IS only February. Winter's onset may have been premature but that does not make it inevitable that spring will be early too. Were it January then we would simply dismiss this amazingly fine session as being the Halcyon Days but in February? It looks like spring, it feels like spring, the plants and animals think it's spring - why shouldn't it BE Spring despite European roof collapses (is this going to be a recurring tragedy now that snow falls are becoming heavier?) under the weight of snow? We shall all, I think, continue to behave as though it were spring until mother nature disabuses us! Possibly disastrously.

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