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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shem and Shaun decamp

In our hubristic moods we surmise that you have been missing our presence here in this blogsphere of recent vintage. We may be wrong - it unlikely but possible. If you have, we are desolee,if you are not, then ditto. At last though we are free to reveal the well grounded reason for our absence.

Shaun and I have been exploring a new world. We could not tip our hand previously for the simple reason that it might not have worked out as well as it has. As you would recall, had you been readers for any length of time, the two of us have been participating in an online community for more than a year. Sad to say that particular community has been in gradual disintegration for some time - since August last in point of fact - and the decay continues day by day. In consequence we have been searching for a new community for some several months having already established that we can belong happily in those virtual places. If the ship is sinking we shall abandon ship and look for new passage elsewhere.

We had tried a few alternatives with little what I shall call "stickiness" - that character that makes one stay and contribute in evidence. Recently however, we discovered mellaflusia ( and decided to try it and see how it would suit us. And it does.

Mellaflusia is a small community at present but growing. Its motto is "Inspire Create" and its spirit is one of a supportive community for creatives. Unlike the one we have just jumped ship on this place is all about support and harmony. There is respect and taste, there is a restful graphic design without intrusive and ugly advertising, there are good people and there is interaction and debate rather than ranting. They accept and even welcome suggestions to a point where one quickly feels at home and useful. We think it may become our R&R centre for some time.

If you think creatives are woosy fuzzy types avoid this site - otherwise try it - especially if you think creatively.


  1. Nicely said, Paps! Oh and if I forgot to welcome you at the 'flue don't mind :)

    the bottom line is: good to have you there - that's all what counts!

  2. one of the best discoveries for me this past month or so is you!

    delighted to make your acquaintance, and slainté, here's to the continuation