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Sunday, May 20, 2007


So it's Sunday morning and the rain has stopped after two days. A long lazy wind blew in from the northwest on Thursday and brought a mackerel sky with it. The clouds continued to pile up through the evening and by Friday rain was inevitable. Friday night brought an amazing son et lumiere of thunderstorm and howling rain. Rain that we needed. Usable rain. Rain that didn't for once run off but that saoked itself instead into the ready wetted soil.

So it's Sunday morning and I'm lollygagging while G washes out the week's dirty wash - no more rain showing on the forecast until Tuesday - I'm surfing, reading my niece's new blog, and listening with half an ear to Radio 4. There's some supercilious pratt on the radio lecturing me about my carbon footprint. He's having a pop at common people taking foreign holidays and talking capitalist nonsense about paying his nice green company to offset the carbon debt of my flights.

That's rich, I'm thinking, no mention of all that buiness travel - most of it air travel - that somehow manages to smuggle itself under the green radar. I used to do business travel and trust me most if it was not necesary but it was a nice perk - but isn't all junketting? Suddenly I lose contact with Radio4 - there's a flight of 4 military jets going supersonic over our peaceful tranquil valley and I can no longer hear myself think. They zoom off toward the mountains and then they bank and turn back down the valley - deafening us all over again, as I shout at the pompous prick on the radio - what about their carbon fucking footprint smug bollocks? But by the time they finish up and bugger off so has our man on his hobbyhorse and the eco bandwagon.

So tell me - what was the carbon footprint of the Afghan invasion? And the invasion of Iraq? What is the carbon footprint of all this military exercise crap? How to find out? Any ideas anyone? I think we should be told - come on Greenpeace - live up to the peace part of your name.


  1. The jets were over ours probably about a minute later - I'm not technically sure how fast they can fly from their to hear. Do you think they are flying a lot lower this year ? I've been able to read the lettering on the side of them as they whoosh by the house.

  2. Actually, dear chap, the latest research proves that global warming is caused by all spurious utterings from the politicos and other vested interests continuously clamouring on about global warming and pretending that this is a new phenomenon.

    As for 'Greenpeace' and 'Friends of the Earth' et al., these guys are about as genuine as the phoneys who preach religion to the credulous masses. But don't get me going about phoneys, otherwise I'll have to bring Bono, Bob Geldof, Charles Windsor etc., into the conversation.