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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lightening the load

My life was improved recently by an old friend. While discussing a particularly inane thread on one of the many ex-pat bulletin boards he remarked that I was wasting myself taking any part in such nonsense. The proverbial light bulb went on and I realised just how correct he was. I immediately resolved to post no more on such trivial locations and over the next few days I weaned myself from even lurking there.

I've been clean for a couple of days now and I have to doff my cap to the old feller. Life is so much more enjoyable without the negative, carping, self-satisfied, self-aggrandizing behaviour and atmosphere of those places. Clean is a very apt description of how I now feel. Clean and happy.

No 12 point plan for me - simple self discipline does for me. However, my time hanging around these places has given me some grist and for that I am grateful. Was it worth getting that grubby for? Probably not. Mark it down to experience. I have.

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