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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ain't life wonderful?

Do you ever wake up with a tune or a snatch of a tune running in your head? Well it doesn't matter whether you do or not because I do and this morning was just such a day. And the maddening thing was that unlike most times when this happens I had no idea what the tune was. I rehearsed that snatch over and over in my head for the next hour. Coffee, cigarettes, and a bus ride and I was still at it. The piece I had by now was longer maybe 4 whole bars longer than the snatch I'd woken with. a haunting piano solo that I knew, just knew instinctively, would lead me on to a genuinely great song. So far though - no lyrics. And not a clue as to who the performer, and or composer might be.

A session with our accountant and a longer session with my dentist (bad news - don't ask) and I've got half a line of lyrics. It's 3 o'clock now and we're boarding the bus back to Kavros. How much further forward was I? Not very. Was this going to take all day? Could be. Halfway home and I completed the line. Now I could hear the voice. I played that voice, that single line over and over until we were sitting drinking coffee and the whole thing came to me.

Stevie Wonder - They won't go when I go. I looked up the album when we got home - Fullfillingness' first Finale. How apt.

And what did you do with your day?

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