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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


A few days before we were due to go off to Como an old online friend of longstanding - one Nightshade    from the 'flue tagged me in his blog (despite the fact that he doesn't carry a link to mine). He wanted 5 reasons why I blog. Now we're back and I can respond. It may not be 5 reasons - who knows but here goes:

1 - I have so many opinions that I have to tell someone who won't obviously be bored by them - the web does that for me

2 - I have, since adolescence, wanted to be a writer - my blog allows that

3 - I never wanted to have to earn a living by writing - no chance of that with a blog

4 - I want to be able to address any subject at any time

5 - I demand total creative freedom vis a vis style - the oonline format forces me to innovate (I use it as a set of formal or poetic constraints)

6 - I love the feedback no matter how infrequently it might come my way

7 - I have a regular readership built up over the past few years

8 - I'm an egomaniac

Well -  I think that covers about as much as I'm prepared to let on.

1 comment:

  1. 8 - So, he admits it!

    May I ask what you actually do for a crust, if you're not a professional writer? (You almost had me fooled.)