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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Although today has been overcast and cooler than its predecessors Spring has been the thing this last few days and Spring means activity around here. The farm comes out of a strange almost hibernation. The first olive blossom is in view - from the kitchen window, the wild almonds are pinking daily - thrusting themselves into view on our regular trips to shop for fresh food, pale blue and orange red vetches are pushing their way through the oxalis and the burgeoning burr clover attempts to take over every spot not already taken.

G has been busy with a selective weeding program, tidying and yet not manicuring the periphery of the house. Farmboy has been moving plants - the rosemary sits now beside the front gate for luck, and taking cuttings - mulberry this week, truncheon cuttings in hopeful pots and squirrelled away elsewhere. Eddie, under guidance from Shem, completed work only today on the small olive wood mallet that has been under way for months, fashioning the handle from a piece of old balustrade.

G has cleared the perimeter of the girls' run of oxalis - the silly things insist on eating the seductive yellow flowers that promptly poison them! Sheep in large flocks have become a daily staple now that the valley is in green.  The sounds of chainsaws pruning olives likewise.

We are all looking forward as the days lengthen and the light intensifies. Birdsong fills our ears day long - their nesting activities are properly underway - while the grooming table beckons for the terrible twins, their winter coats sprouting into an odd hairy broccoli look.

And it's Cruft's this weekend so we are tracking Terrier results as they are posted online today.

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